Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

Hollywood Cults Have A Problem With Pedophilia

And The Government Is Not Doing Enough To Stop Them From Hurting Kids


Hollywood cults Kabbalah and Scientology have a serious problem with pedophilia. Kids are being abused in the cults, for the sick sexual gratification of adults. They believe it makes them young and vital again, when their conduct is very insidious and vile, worthy of imprisonment. Their appalling conduct in this regard has been discussed on a number of websites. It was also slammed on "South Park."

Department Of Justice, Attorney General, Eric Holder and FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, have been letting Hollywood get away with murder

The FBI announced an investigation into said criminal conduct last year, but not enough is being done to protect kids in the interim, until their investigation complete. This is inexcusable. People are committing lewd and lascivious sexual acts on minors in Hollywood, but because they are famous, the government is dragging its feet. It's an open secret at this point that is terrible.


Scientology Engaging In Child Trafficking And Slavery Practices Holding People Against Their Will In International Waters

FBI Investigating Scientology For Abusing Children

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