Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Some Still Want Hillary Clinton As Vice President

But What About Joe Biden

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Some people still want U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to run with President Obama on the 2012 Democratic ticket, as Vice Presidential nominee, rather than incumbent Joe Biden. This must make Biden feel bad. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton's reputation isn't exactly sterling, as seen in revelations from the Wikileaks scandal and her ties to now incarcerated private investigator, Anthony Pellicano.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton was never President of the United States. Her husband Bill Clinton held that post in the 1990s. For the past three years, incumbent Obama has ignored the advice of former President Bill Clinton, who is considered America's most successful head of state in the area of finance. Having his wife on the bill will not accomplish much, as Obama isn't listening.


Hillary Clinton Nixes Idea Of Joining President Obama As VP Nominee In The 2012 Election

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