Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

Obama Appointing Richard Cordray Consumer Czar Without Congressional Approval Sends An Autocratic Message

Barack Obama

President Obama's appointment of Richard Cordray, to a new consumer agency, sends a negative, dictatorial message, as he has undemocratically run roughshod over Congress. The appointment of Cordray to this post as a consumer agency czar, has also come too late in his presidency to strike any real effectiveness.

This is complicated by the fact Obama is soft on crime, which is why some sectors of the corporate industry have continued to rob and gouge the American people into poverty. What's the sense of having a consumer protection agency, when no one is being arrested for ripping off the public, as that is the only language criminals understand - prison.

For every bank, investment firm, insurance company, telecommunications provider and entertainment corporation that engages in financial crime, which damages America and the world by default, how many real arrests have you seen, when trillions of dollars have been stolen in an illegal redistribution of wealth in favor of the rich.

As far as the Judiciary Report is concerned, President Obama's latest appointment is just for show during a desperate election year, as it is without substance and devoid of any real impact. All this will do is waste taxpayer money, handing out slaps on the wrist for serious financial crimes. That will never work to get the economy back on the right track to accountability and fairness.

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