Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

Rupert Murdoch Slams Brits As Lazy People That Take Too Many Holidays

Biting The Hand That Feeds Him

Rupert Murdoch and family pictured in one of their frequent vacation settings

Greedy, unscrupulous News Corp CEO, Rupert Murdoch, took to Twitter, issuing a foolish tweet, slamming British people as lazy. Murdoch inappropriately wrote, "Brits have too many holidays for a broke country." You need to shut up. For someone that has made billions off the British people via his products, regrettably produced via contemptible, privacy invading, phone hacking, thieving ways, you could show a bit more gratitude, you pervert.

If it weren't for Britain, you would not have gained the international name you enjoyed, only to get greedy and start abusing members of the public for profit. You're a vengeful, vicious, insidious little man, with no moral compass. You spend your days paying private investigators and thugs to stalk and invade the privacy of adults and children alike for profit, which makes me think you're a lunatic with a fixation on people's kids.

I don't know why any world government tolerates you for even a second. All you do is criminally rob and destroy other people's companies, leaving many unemployed around the globe, utilizing a brand of greed that makes the devil proud to call you his own. And make no mistake, Murdoch, you are the devil's own.

If I were in charge of a government negatively impacted by your crimes, I would have read you the riot act, extraditing your crazy backside so fast, paramedics would need to have nitroglycerin on stand by for you, when I got finished dragging you through the criminal court system. You violated the privacy of deceased children, of all people, for profit and the world will never forget that.

The world cannot deal with financial criminals and thugs like you with kid gloves, as you are one of the people responsible for the global financial crisis that began in America and spread to the world. But keep talking smack. When the public finds out the full truth about what you've done and how far you went, the time is coming when the world will tolerate you and your devil spawn children no more, leaving you consigned to a life behind closed doors, until someone in government gets the testosterone to put you where you belong, in prison.


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