Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

18-Year-Old Rape Victim Oksana Makar Dies After Succumbing To Terrible Assault Injuries And Being Set On Fire

18-year-old rape victim, Oksana Makar, succumbed to her grave injuries and died yesterday, after being raped by three men, dumped into a ditch, set on fire and left for dead. Doctors battled to save the beautiful Ukrainian teen, amputating one of her arms and her feet, to stem her injuries.

Oksana Makar

Though doctors fought against her terrible injures, infection that had set in. Makar's body was overwhelmed by the extent of her injuries, both physical and mental, after such horrid abuse. Before she died, Makar pled for justice in the YouTube video posted above. Three men have since been arrested for these crimes.


Mykolayiv gang rape, burn victim Oksana Makar dies in hospital (VIDEOS)

Gang-raped, strangled and set on fire: Teen dies in Ukraine hospital

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