Senin, 26 Maret 2012

Don't Forget To Boycott Madonna's New MDNA Album For Her Stealing From Different Artists

Madonna looking like a crazy, deranged witch (as usual)

This article is a reminder for you to boycott racist Madonna's new MDNA album and all her of other projects, for her stealing from so many artists including me and robbing starving Africans in Malawi, while she and her Kabbalah cult pocket tens of millions of dollars fraudulently raised in their nation's name (Malawi To Pop Star Madonna Who Stole Financial Donations From Them: You Stink!).

People online are stating poorly aging Madonna's new "Girl Gone Wild" CD single is so airbrushed it looks nothing like her. Photoshop gone wild.

Already Madonna's MDNA album has been hit several copyright infringement claims. A DJ has sued her for copyright infringement regarding stealing his preexisting beat and melody for a song on MDNA. Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts publicly slammed Madonna for stealing her preexisting debut single and renaming it for use on her MDNA album without permission or credit. Madonna also feloniously stole lyrics and music from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog for use of MDNA, constituting criminal copyright infringement.


So, everyone boycott Madonna right into retirement, as the witch is nothing but an untalented, thieving, depraved occultist, greedily stealing from others for her fake career. She doesn't deserve your support or money, as she is using it to rob, harm and harass others.


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