Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

MDNA = Madonna's Dumb New Album

The Material Moron Strikes Again With Another Musical Flop

Boycott Madonna who has stolen copyrights/money from so many artists. Put her out of business by not buying anything by her.

"MDNA" the forthcoming album from copyright infringing, thieving pop tart, Madonna, is set to drop this month, but the first singles from the ill-fated disc, have flopped all around the world. People just are not into it. Even mainstream outlets pointed out this undeniable fact.

Madonna cannot sing, dance or act and has made a career out of shock value and criminal copyright infringement. She illegally took from others to create a fraudulent career the public has been seeing for what it is - a farce. It's time for her to retire, as the public has moved on from her madness.


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Senator Demands FBI Investigate Rupert Murdoch For Hacking Rival & Stealing Their Copyrights

Fox News Has A Secret Phone Hacking Department In The Building Says Former Employee

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