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Obama Administration Is Keeping Information On Americans With No Ties To Terrorism

Barack Obama

Over the past few days, several mainstream publications have stated that the Obama administration is keeping information on Americans that have no ties to terrorism, which is illegal and unconstitutional. This confirms what the Judiciary Report has stated for over three years, regarding the government violating the Constitution and U.S. Code to spy on Americans without just cause.

There are technological safeguards in existence that could be taken to prevent the privacy of innocent Americans from being invaded, but that is not the goal of the government, which has been engaging in one power grab after another. Invasion of privacy is foul in any form, whether it be a corrupt corporation like News Corp engaging in the phone hacking scandal or the government prying into the lives of the innocent under the guise of national security.


Obama administration expands illegal surveillance of Americans

26 March 2012 - Last Thursday, Attorney General Eric Holder enacted guidelines that further expand the US government’s asserted powers to collect and store private information, without a warrant, concerning individuals who are not suspected of any crime.

The guidelines constitute a further step by the Obama administration to expand and entrench unconstitutional spying operations on the American people by all levels of government that were spearheaded by the Bush administration.


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