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Polls Concur Republican Candidates Are Rating More Favorably With The Public Than President Obama

The Economy Is The Driving Factor

President Barack Obama

Several weeks ago, Gallup polls indicated President Obama, the head of the Democrat Party, is set to lose the November 2012 election by a significant margin. Now the Rasmussen polling company has released its data, revealing Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney and his fellow political party member, Rick Santorum, are several percentage points ahead of President Obama in the polls for the presidency. Romney is carrying the clearest lead.

None of this spells good news for Obama. The economy is the main issue weighing on people's minds, as folks simply can't pay their bills, due to the significant rise in the cost of living in America. Many have lost their homes, cars and savings. Romney's business background is helping him in the polls in this regard.

I don't believe President Obama grasped the severity of the situation when he assumed office, regarding how much damage had been done during the Bush years, but refused to listen to sound advice and spent $5 trillion dollars more. There are always times in life we can learn from history and forbearers, regarding what works and what does not in times of crisis.

Former Massachusetts Governor and Republican Party frontrunner Mitt Romney

Obama entered office with his own ideas and he was and is entitled to that. However, he owed it to the nation to follow the financial examples of those that came before him, who succeeded in office during tough financial times, such as former President Bill Clinton and in Britain, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. They saw turn arounds and profitability during their tenures, during rough economic times.

Bush and Obama spent America into a hole, following their philosophical beliefs that did not pan out. There ought to be a law that a head of state can only spend a certain amount of money and no more, with rare exceptions granted. It is going to take many years to tackle the national deficit and that is only with a president that knows finance well.


Gallup Poll States Barack Obama Is Going To Lose The 2012 Presidential Election By A Landslide

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