Senin, 19 Maret 2012

Mitt Romney Accuses President Barack Obama Of Driving Up Gas Prices To Get Americans Off Oil

Republican candidate and nomination frontrunner, Mitt Romney, is accusing President Barack Obama of fulfilling a 2008 campaign threat of driving up gas prices, to get Americans off oil, as emissions are allegedly creating global warming. Obama also invested $20 billion dollars in taxpayer money to launch solar companies that failed shortly after, losing the full amount of funds, on more of his unsuccessful energy policies.

This conduct is very unethical and financially unsound, especially during an economic crisis. Rather than turn to science for answers and innovations to reduce carbon emissions, the Obama Administration is guilty of getting carried away with its newfangled, tree hugging, moon baying philosophical beliefs on energy, at the expense of 305,000,000 people.

Barack Obama

It is inexcusable, as gas prices are helping to bankrupt Americans. And we know said energy policies failed because a.) Obama's solar pet project companies went bankrupt, adding to the national deficit and b.) nobody can afford gas - even rich people are complaining. So instead of making America billions, as the Judiciary Report suggested three years ago, the Obama administration is costing the nation billions (Obama Is Conflicted Over The Path American Energy Should Take).

I do believe, by the grace of God, there are scientific answers to these problems, but President Obama only throws taxpayer money at his big campaign donors, who aren't really scientists and have the business acumen and brainpower of Fred Flintstone. The Judiciary Report will not applaud this madness, as qualified scientists and the best and brightest of Silicon Valley should have gotten research and business start up money. Obama's campaign donors wasted billions in taxpayer money the nation will not see again.


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