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If Banks Don't Start Working With Foreclosed Homeowners Their Profits Are Going To Plunge

President Barack Obama

The U.S. banking sector has seen terrible declines over the past few years, due to the mortgage crisis and overall financial decline of the country, under presidents George W. Bush, then Barack Obama. The government, at the taxpayers expense, has given major U.S. banks billions of dollars from the Treasury, to keep them afloat. However, despite these funds coming courtesy of the taxpayers, a number of banks are still making it as difficult as possible for homeowners to obtain mortgage modifications to remain in their properties.

Standard tricks being used on homeowners run the gamut. They range from pretending they did not receive documents that were faxed or mailed to the bank(s), despite established couriers such as the U.S. Postal Service, Fedex and UPS, providing mailing confirmation, to not notifying property owners of the options available to save their homes.

If banks keep playing with homeowners, opting for the quick buck in trying to rush people out of their homes to auction off properties in a market so overcrowded and poor nothing is selling, they will see massive revenue declines again. Kicking distressed homeowners to the curb is not the way to financial profitability, but long term losses (as in loss of mortgage interest payments over time had they straightened out said loans).


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