Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

Malawi To Pop Star Madonna Who Stole Financial Donations From Them: You Stink!


The nation of Malawi is turning on pop tart Madonna all over again. Madonna and her fellow racist, n-word using cult Kabbalah, are currently under criminal investigation for tax evasion and stealing charity donations from people all over the world, including Malawi.

Madonna and Kabbalah solicited over $60,000,000 in donations in Malawi's name and only gave them $650,000, while spending the rest on themselves and lavish living, including sports cars, jewels and mansions in Beverly Hills. Madonna deceitfully promised to build a girls school in Malawi, imitating the positive publicity talk show host Oprah Winfrey received for actually doing so.

However, Madonna was accused of staging a big publicity fueled ground breaking, getting her pictures in papers all over the world, then ditching the country, pocketing millions in cash with her equally greedy Kabbalah buddies. She left the impoverished African nation starving and without the promised school.

Malawi has been angered all over again, as Madonna recently announced she will build 10 schools in their nation, looking for more charity donations from the public, to pocket the funds all over again. This week, Malawi's government declared, Madonna is running roughshod over them and has no permit to build 10 schools.

She created such a fiasco with the first school that has yet to materialize, by psychotically bulldozing an entire village of homes, only to leave the poor without a roof over the heads and no school for their children, to show for it. Madonna is a depraved racist that thinks black people are slaves.

They never should have agreed to anything with that sick madwoman, who only cares about herself. However, her excuse going around in the entertainment industry is that "I just needed the money to tie me over for the time being" because her career has been in a tailspin for over a decade.


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