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A Foul Attempt To Discredit 17-Year-Old Murder Victim Trayvon Martin That Has No Bearing On The Facts Surrounding His Murder

Trayvon Martin

Some are trying to discredit 17-year-old murder victim Trayvon Martin, by stating he was suspended from school for two weeks, as a plastic bag in his school bag contained marijuana residue. But what does that have to do with him being murdered in cold blood by an unhinged, paranoid, angry racist, who was playing cop without a license or badge to do so. Furthermore, former President Bubba (Bill Clinton) and incumbent, President Barack Obama had smoked weed as well.

I do not encourage drug use, but tens of millions of people smoke weed, that does not mean they deserve to die for it, because they do not. Let's stick to the facts of the case and the law as it applies. Based on the facts we know, Trayvon Martin, was well within his right as a citizen on the night he was murdered by lawless George Zimmerman.

Martin had every right to go to the store, buy food and walk back home on a street in his family's neighborhood. George Zimmerman was acting outside the law and in a manner that resulted in the death of a defenseless minor. Zimmerman is not a cop. He had no right to stalk, then confront young Martin. 911 even told Zimmerman this information, warning him against such illegal action, but he disobeyed their orders, even though they represent the police and authority in this country. He can't say he did not know.

Personally speaking, if someone menacingly followed me around and I notice it as Martin did, I would be very upset. I would also be upset if that same individual approached me and had the gall to bark at me, "What are you doing here." My first thought would be, this person is not a cop, so who is he to ask me that. It is offensive.

If it were you, how would you feel if someone menacingly stalked you, as Zimmerman did to Martin, then had the nerve to approach you in your family's neighborhood on the street, angrily asking, "What are you doing here?" You'd be offended. If someone does that to you in Florida and 23 other U.S. states, you have the right to "Stand Your Ground" meaning kick their butt, as their conduct is aggressive, unlawful and possibly possesses a threat to your life and safety.

George Zimmerman

Parents of all colors and ethnicities reading this article, would you want an aggressive, anger-filled loose canon, who is walking around with a gun, stalking then approaching your underage child on the street barking at them "What are you doing here." Of course not.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what color you are, no one has the right to follow you around, then approach you with questions. It is illegal. It is called aggravated harassment and stalking. Some people need to learn to mind their own business and leave others alone.

Zimmerman deserves to be locked up for life and sued for every penny he has, for causing all this trouble, which led to an innocent young man dying. He is a racist person with a history of calling the police 49 times in one year, complaining about black children as young as age 7 and black adults, walking around in their neighborhood, which he crazily deemed and reported as "suspicious."

How are you supposed to get in and out of your house to go about your business, without walking on the street or sidewalk! The problem in this case is a self-appointed racist that views blacks as automatically guilty of some crime or misbehavior. Zimmerman also added race to this case via stating the words "fu*king coons" on the 911 tape, before he murdered Martin in cold blood. He has no excuse for his actions.

His history of stalking and attacking his ex-fiancée and in another incident, without provocation, attacking a REAL police officer that was doing his job, is proof that Zimmerman has serious anger issues that pose a threat to society. If this man was brazen enough to attack a cop, what was to stop him from stalking, bullying and attacking an unarmed 17-year-old kid under the cover of night.


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