Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

Teen Sentenced To Life In Prison For Committing Vehicular Homicide Then Stating 'I Just Ran That Nig*er Over'

Deryl Dedmon jr

19-year-old Deryl Dedmon jr, was sentenced to life in prison this week, for the premeditated, race based vehicular homicide that claimed the life of 49-year-old African-American, James Craig Anderson. Dedmon committed the crime cruel hate crime against Anderson, whom he ran over with a truck, then stated, "I just ran that nig*er over."

The racial element of the homicide made the charges more severe, as he committed a hate crime via the slurs. His hatred of black people has cost Dedmon his freedom for the rest of his life and is something to think about while he is imprisoned. It could not have been worth it. He needs to seek God's forgiveness and change his ways.

James Craig Anderson

Dedmon's story also needs to serve as an example to racists with violent tendencies, regarding what unprovoked, undeserved hatred can mushroom into, destroying your future, while claiming an innocent life. No one deserves to be slurred, harassed, attacked, beaten or killed, because someone doesn't like their race.


Who Says Racism Is Gone When Some Still Harbor Such Hate

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