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Irrelevant Issues Continue To Cloud The Trayvon Martin Murder Case Setting A Terrible Precedent That Must Not Stand

Trayvon Martin

Select newspaper and blog coverage of the murder of 17-year-old Miamian, Trayvon Martin, at the hands of lawbreaking, self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, 28, continues to stray into the irrelevant. Items such as Martin wearing a few gold teeth in a Twitter photo to Zimmerman being "a registered Democrat" have nothing to do with the facts of the case.

George Zimmerman

Any potential jury will need to focus on the law of the land in this matter, in the event the government does the right thing and brings charges against Zimmerman. Jurors asking and answering a few simple questions would bring the correct verdict:

1.) Is it lawful to stalk and confront a person? According to state and federal law the answer is no.

2.) Is it legal to stalk, confront, harass, beat, then kill a person? According to state and federal law the answer is no.

3.) Was Trayvon Martin trespassing on George Zimmerman's personal property? Based on released facts, the answer is no. Martin was on communal roads in his father's neighbor and as such had every right to be there.

4.) Is George Zimmerman responsible for Trayvon Martin's murder, as he disobeyed 911 and went after a minor that was not bothering him. The answer would be yes. Martin would be alive today had Zimmerman simply left the unarmed teen alone, rather than stalking and picking a fight with him, then pointing a gun at his chest and fatally pulling the trigger.

5.) Who was the dangerous one Martin or Zimmerman - an unarmed 17-year-old minor, with no criminal record, carrying a bag of Skittles candy and an Arizona Ice Tea drink (Martin) or a gun toting 28-year-old man with two prior, unrelated arrests for outright violence against a police officer (of all people) and separately the assault of his former fiancée in a domestic violence incident, which led to a restraining order against him (Zimmerman). The answer to that question would be Zimmerman was the dangerous one that fateful night, which is confirmed by the fact defenseless Martin is now dead.

Photo courtesy of Twitter page WeLoveTrayvon

Items mentioning Zimmerman being half white and half Hispanic and Martin being black only came into play, when the former was heard using the racial slur "f**ing coons" on the 911 tape. It is being referred to as motive. However, regardless of one's color, one should be able to get justice, especially when such a tragic act of violence occur.

People of all races also need to pay attention to this case, because you do not want the dangerous precedent set that anyone can stalk you, your children or other family members, confront and then kill them. If Zimmerman is not brought to justice, the corrupt legal precedent that such inappropriate and murderous behavior is lawful will stand and pose a threat to everyone.


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