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More Information On The Obama Administration Using The IRS To Harass And Intimidate Politically Outspoken People (Video)

"IRS Attacking Tea Party Groups"

In the August 10, 2011 Judiciary Report article "The FBI And Ethics" the site wrote of the Obama Administration's illegal habit of using the FBI and IRS to harass politically outspoken people. To use the Office of President or by extension, any division of the government to harass people, is a criminal violation of the Constitution and U.S. Code. It is also an impeachable offense. In short, it is a crime to use the FBI or IRS, among others, to spy on politically outspoken people, to preserve one's own corrupt backside. However, Bush did it and now Obama is as well, under the FBI's suggestion.

In 2011, I authored the article "The FBI And Ethics" due to what I had observed and experienced. Fast-forward one year and a new scandal broke online, regarding President Obama using the IRS to harass and violate the rights of political opponents, such as the Tea Party (The Obama Administration Is Getting The IRS Sued For Using The Agency To Target And Terrorize Political Opponents).

Obama became angry because the Tea Party made major headway in Congress and the cultural landscape. This cost President Obama's Democrats seats in Congress and as a result, he is utilizing unlawful tactics against them, in trying to stop it from happening again.

Then there's my personal experience and what I had witnessed separately via things that happened to others, which led me to write the article "The FBI And Ethics" in 2011. Since 2008, the IRS denied my family and I $20,000 in tax credits that are due to us under the law that others have successfully been granted, which is discrimination. They also requested a pile of documents that I sent to them, with no action coming from it.

Our certified accountant stated the entire thing was weird because the IRS gave no reason or explanation for its peculiar conduct, in what is undeniably a cover up, in a case of willful harassment and discrimination, as orchestrated by Obama's corrupt FBI. It was a bid to deny my family money due to us, as they did regarding the copious amounts of copyrights the FBI aided Hollywood in stealing.

This month, I inquired again regarding the matter and an IRS rep told me "it is strange" that the file says "closed without looking into" though I sent in all the documents they requested and they DID NOT send the corresponding tax refunds, stating no additional information can be provided.

What kind of unprofessional behavior is that. It certainly is not transparency in government. Then again, the Obama Administration is being publicly chastised by a number of high profile organizations, such as the ACLU, for running the most secretive government in U.S. history, with a record number of Freedom of Information Act request denials and cover-ups.

Barack Obama

I want you to pay attention, as this is the government at work and at its ugliest, when it harasses innocent people, for political reasons and I want the nation and the world to see it for themselves. Let's get this ugliness being done all out in the open. As I see it, you do foul stuff to people, you deserve to be named and shamed for it.

I'm not in the Tea Party. I'm not a spy, terrorist or criminal. I don't belong to any odd or fringe groups. I have no history of violence or criminal record and I have never started a fight with anyone in my life, as I subscribe to the peaceful, Bible based beliefs Martin Luther King Jr. did. I'm a writer and inventor and the value of my copyrights and forthcoming patents has greatly endangered my very life, in a case that is absolutely disgraceful.

As my five million readers know, I filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the corrupt FBI in 2009, regarding a case I broke online in 2005, regarding the phone hacking scandal that has now blossomed into a computer hacking investigation in Britain.

The Metropolitan Police in Britain, who I filed a police complaint with in October 2005, regarding phone hacking, thus breaking the story, has actually arrested over 30 individuals. The FBI, who I filed the police complaint with first in September 2005, looked the other way to the crimes and made no arrests, due to its director, Robert S. Mueller, having taken a big bribe, according to my reliable sources in the international community.

To those new to the site, pop tart and notorious thief Madonna had my computers criminally hacked by hackers in her Kabbalah cult, who illegally copied my my vast copyrights and forwarded it to her. Madonna began criminally spreading my preexisting, Library of Congress registered copyrights all over Hollywood, in a string of dirty deals that the industry knows of, but has illegally participated in anyway.

To this day, they arrogantly and pathetically continue to criminally hack my computers and websites, copying their contents and then trying to delete incriminating items they don't want in my computers or online. They've also deleted articles from the Judiciary Report archives that expose their criminal conduct, forcing me to republish them from older saved copies of the site. So sick and desperate are they, they even psychotically deleted items from my computers regarding my forthcoming patents to do with helping disease sufferers. That's the kind of evil flowing through Hollywood that they would do something so despicable regarding sick people.

Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama

I began developing my forthcoming scientific patents a few years ago (2007), after the copyrights, which I began copyrighting with the Library of Congress in 1991, hence it containing thousands of songs and hundreds of film treatments and scripts, among other things, as it was written over more than two decades.

My forthcoming patents, which are more recent, deal with individual illnesses such as AIDs and cancer, among other things, regarding prolonging human life, via groundbreaking pharmaceuticals. Remember the article I wrote a few weeks ago "It Has Been Confirmed The U.S. Government Is Spying On Scientists And Doctors In Violation Of The Constitution" which was confirmation of a story I had broken online (based on my own experiences in beginning in 2008). Apart of the harassment has to do with that.

The nosy FBI and Obama Administration found out about my forthcoming patents and are trying to move heaven and earth to stop them from coming out, as it will stop the illegal gravy train of criminal copyright infringement of my intellectual property, Hollywood has been engaging in, to the tune of billions. Many of the people stealing my copyrights in Hollywood are publicly recorded Obama campaign donors and that's all he cares about - covering for them. Thus, he and the FBI are aiding and abetting Hollywood thieves in committing criminal copyright infringement and hacking, among other things.

As a matter of fact, one of my copyrights that was stolen is years old and was criminally used to make the August 19, 2011 movie "Spy Kids: All The Time In The World" by The Weinstein Company, who are also the studio for Madonna's criminal copyright infringing film "We" (Madonna Booed In London At The Premiere Of Her Copyright Infringing Film “We). She criminally spread my preexisting copyrights to Weinstein, among others, who knows that she stole them.

True to Hollywood arrogance, big mouth braggart, Harvey Weinstein has been running his mouth about his relationship with enabler Obama. Two weeks ago, Weinstein publicly bragged of how the President was sucking up to him, emailing him a pitch to turn a book he had just read into a film, making Obama look like an ingratiating politician worshipping at his feet. Smug Weinstein also attended a state dinner Obama threw at the White House a few days ago, as he is one of his biggest campaign donors.

No wonder the economy is in the toilet. What is the President of the United States doing trying to play movie producer, which is a time consuming task. President Obama is clearly too busy and irresponsibly so, pitching movie ideas to degenerates, whilst hobnobbing with thieving Hollywood celebrities that are robbing, abusing and emailing death threats to unarmed, defenseless black women they criminally exploit.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Regarding Weinstein, for a man that loves to speak of his family's struggles and how he named his previous company Miramax after his parents, it's amazing how easy he finds it to crap on black women he and his N-Word loving cult criminally rip-off in open violation of domestic and international law.

I bring up the issue of me being a black woman, as it fits the situation, of a bunch of Hollywood racists emailing and approaching me in public with unprovoked, hateful racial slurs and vile threats of violence, in acts of witness intimidation. The public needs to see them for what they are.

Madonna and Harvey Weinstein

I must ask, Mr. Weinstein, is this how your parents raised you, because only the devil could be proud of what you have been doing. It's not a good look. Neither are your cancer loving cigars, cocked in your smug mouth, with that ridiculous perma-smirk. The way you parade around, cockily wobbling that head of yours, nose in the air, while spouting the filthiest, most sexist jokes your miniscule brain can come up with, is ugly and repulsive.

At the end of the day, you're nothing but a fraud and a grubby thief, who deserves prison, as do the rest of your thieving cronies, engaging in crimes to delay life saving forthcoming patents, so you can keep your illegal gravy train going, in stealing from a black woman. All involved are going to end up on the wrong side of world history for these crimes, which in essence, are crimes against humanity, at the expense of sick people all over the world.


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