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Judicial Commission Rules Miami Judge Ana Maria Pando Violated The Judicial Cannons

Ana Maria Pando

This is a follow up to the February 23, 2012 article "Judge Ana Maria Pando Is Another Miami Judge Being Called Corrupt." The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission has ruled that Judge Ana Maria Pando violated the judicial cannons by, "'Lending the prestige of judicial office' to a friend who is the owner of several medical clinics that had appeared regularly before her." Previously, in a separate 2005 incident, Pando was fined $25,000 for accepting what was in essence bribes via "improper campaign donations."

I'm not surprised by this story. It has been my experience, as a victim of crime, both the justice and judicial systems do not work, due to corruption. It is undeniable at this point, as it has happened too many times.

Look what happened to 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. That could have been any black person. Martin was minding his own business, but was stalked, shot and killed. The authorities completely covered it up and incriminatingly refused for how long to release the 911 tapes. They continue to refuse to arrest his murderer George Zimmerman.

People have to be starting petitions and protests to bring attention to the terrible injustice of it all...and still no arrest. The public will never forget that, as Zimmerman should have been arrested weeks ago. The justice system has failed in that he has been free all this time and after the murder of a minor.

I can't say the corruption problem is relegated to Florida, as I've seen corruption come out of Atlanta, Georgia (Appeals Circuit) and Washington, D.C. (Supreme Court) as well, in addition to many cases all over the country I have covered for the website, which will be apart of my forthcoming book and indie film that I will start shooting this year (I don't need to go through Hollywood to get it done, released and out to a big audience).


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Judge Ana Maria Pando Is Another Miami Judge Being Called Corrupt

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