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Video Shows Hollywood Actor Tom Hanks Is A Racist Joking About Man In Blackface

Tom Hanks making jokes regarding man in blackface

The Judiciary Report has contended for years that Hollywood is racist, though it claims to be liberal and tolerant. Here's more proof. Academy Award winning Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks, attended a function at his children's Los Angeles based school St. Matthews and performed a skit with another parent, who was in blackface and jungle clothing, while holding his "trophy gorilla" - which is another slur for black people.

Tom Hanks making jokes regarding man in blackface holding his "trophy gorilla." For decades the word "gorilla" has been used as a nasty slur for black people.

This is extremely offensive to the black community, as it plays on decades old, nasty, untrue stereotypes alleging blacks are uncouth, brainless slaves and "jungle bunnies" as the slur goes. Hanks is seen smiling and joking in the video, indicating his approval of the disgusting, racially derogatory performance that would only be funny to narrow minded, pea-brained racists.

Rock singer Glen Frey also making jokes regarding man in blackface holding his "trophy gorilla"

Glen Frey, a member of the liberal rock band the Eagles, was also heard joking about the man in blackface, "This is as close to diversity as we’ll get at St Matthews." Mr. Frey is clearly a racist as well, as the Judiciary Report struggles to comprehend how any of this is even remotely funny. There is no question about it - their conduct was meant to be racist and was done with absolute forethought. This is outright racism and worse than what Rush Limbaugh says on air.


Tom Hanks, Glenn Frey in 2004: ‘Blackface,’ race jokes at fundraising auction [VIDEO]

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