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Florida Teen Trayvon Martin Was Killed For Being Black While Walking In Middle Class Neighborhood (Video)

What Is A Black Life Worth

17-year-old Miamian, Trayvon Martin, was murdered in sister city, Orlando, Florida, while walking home to his dad's residence, after buying candy at a local store for his little brother. Martin's story has captivated the world, as the teen was gunned down by a trigger happy Neighborhood Watch captain, George Zimmerman, for allegedly "looking suspicious."

You've heard of "Driving While Black" which is being pulled over by some, not all police officers, for being a minority cruising in a luxury vehicle, with the assumption it has been stolen and one is up to no good. Well, Martin was killed for "Walking While Black."

Trayvon Martin

His murder is outrageous. There is no provision in the law that allows anyone to murder a person on the sidewalk because they look suspicious. Martin was well within his right to walk freely on the streets, without fear of attack or death. If people started killing people they thought looked suspicious, millions would die.

Let's be clear, Zimmerman's conduct is criminal and abhorrent and the Judiciary Report is flabbergasted he has remained free all this time after the shooting. He deserves life in prison. Justice must be served in memory of Martin and to send the crystal clear message, this must never happen again.

This child lost his life over what are infuriating, racist reasons. He didn't deserve that and if the government messes around and does not bring charges, there need to be peaceful, organized marches and boycotts, until they say when, as in they've had enough and will do the right thing in a court of law.


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Black teenager killed by Neighborhood Watch captain after buying candy

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