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Shooter Called Unarmed 17-Year-Old Trayvon Martin A "Fu*king Coon" Before Killing Him In Cold Blood (Video)

UPDATE: At the 2:23 mark Zimmerman says "fu*king coons"

911 tapes indicate that before murderer George Zimmerman, fatally shot and killed unarmed, defenseless 17-year-old Miamian, Trayvon Martin, he referred to him as a "fu*king coon." The word "coon" is an offensive racial epithet for black people, one step down from the slur "nig*er. Zimmerman's slur places this premeditated murder and stalking firmly in the category of a hate crime, which means he violated the Civil Rights Act. This intensifies charges that should be filed, via steeper legal penalties.

Trayvon Martin

The teen, who was on vacation in Central Florida, had ventured outside his dad's middle class gated community in Sanford, to buy his little brother some Skittles candy at a local store. Zimmerman, the forceful "self-appointed" neighborhood watch captain, saw Martin and began stalking the young man as he walked back to his dad's home in the gated community.

Trayvon Martin

The 911 tapes that were initially released were censored to hide the fact Zimmerman used a racial slur in reference to the teenager, who was minding his own business and had every right to be there. An excerpt of the call now reveals the exchange went as follows:

George Zimmerman: "Those fu*king coons..."

George Zimmerman: "They always get away"

911 Dispatcher: ‎"Are you following him?"

George Zimmerman: "Yea"

911 Dispatcher: "We don't need you to do that"

George Zimmerman: ..."He ran"...


Florida Teen Trayvon Martin Was Killed For Being Black While Walking In Middle Class Neighborhood (Video)

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