Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

JetBlue Captain Goes Berserk About Bombs During Flight And Is Restrained By Passengers

Can You Say Lawsuit

Jetblue airplane captain went AWOL during a flight from Las Vegas to New York. The captain had a mental breakdown, snapped and started screaming about bombs, terrorism and Al Qaeda, which forced the passengers to lock him out of the cockpit and restrain him, lest he accidentally crash the plane.

All I know is I could not have been on that flight. I would be so ticked. You make me late or crash the plane into the ocean, you won't have to worry about sharks or Al Qaeda, because Aisha will get you:

a.) For getting my hair wet after it took me 1 hour to blow dry and style it in the morning (as Ace Ventura would say "No one messes with the do")

b.) For getting my beloved laptop wet - another no no

c.) For getting my suede lined bag wet

News choppers flying over head would report, "An irate black woman was seen beating the captain for ruining her hairstyle, laptop and purse. She was heard yelling, 'All you had to do was fly the plane straight!' He seems to require police protection."

I'm kidding.


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