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George Zimmerman Fits The Profile Of A Stalker

Killer Of 17-Year-Old Trayvon Martin Stalked Another As Well

George Zimmerman

28-year-old murderer, George Zimmerman, hunted down 17-year-old underage minor, Trayvon Martin, treating the victim of his crimes as prey, for an imagined offense that simply never occurred. Unarmed Martin was well within his legal rights walking in his family's neighborhood, carrying candy and ice tea home to watch the NBA all star games. Zimmerman began stalking Martin, who lost him at one point.

However, determined to punish a frightened minor for an imagined offense, racist Zimmerman illogically pursued Martin again, found him and murdered the innocent teen in a confrontation that never should have happened, as the self-appointed neighborhood watchman was acting outside the law from start to finish.

Trayvon Martin and dad Tracy Martin

Zimmerman is a paranoid individual with a history of stalking. Previously, Zimmerman stalked and physically assaulted his ex-fiancée, accusing her of things he imagined, in an incident of domestic violence that prompted her to obtain a restraining order against him. When she moved on from the relationship, due to his behavior and began dating someone else, Zimmerman pried into the life of her new beau and began accusing him of all sorts of madness the couple stated was not true.

Here we have two clear cut incidents of stalking, by a man who is a violent bully with a hero complex. A pattern of criminal behavior exists, as Zimmerman stalked people in incidents that resulted in violence and or the death of the victims he unlawfully pursued. Zimmerman's conduct fits the profile of a stalker and the most dangerous kind. Psychologists define stalking as a form of mental illness.


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