Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

Obama Finally Breaks His Silence On The Trayvon Martin Killing After Human Rights Groups And The Black Panthers Come Down On Him

Barack Obama

After keeping silent on the unprovoked stalking and killing of 17-year-old Miamian, Trayvon Martin, President Obama finally spoke out today stating "If I had a son he would look like Trayvon" as the Commander-in-Chief was being condemned by a broad cross-section of people, from human rights groups to the Black Panthers.

Trayvon Martin

This silence once again reflects how out of touch President Obama is with the American people, as folks of many colors are angry over young Martin's senseless murder by racist George Zimmerman. This was Obama's Katrina moment and like Bush before him, he blew it.


In Florida, New Black Panthers rip Obama, Holder over Martin shooting


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