Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

A Comedic Look At Peyton Manning Considering Denver Over Miami For His Next Career Move In Football

Some tough choices for Peyton Manning

Well, well, well! Stellar football quarterback, Peyton Manning, is considering a move to Denver over Miami. He was in Florida recently and also made his way to Denver, Colorado. The Judiciary Report was not amused with his trip to Denver, as the Dolphins in Miami would be a great choice for him, as opposed to the Broncos.

To the people of Denver reading this website, look away now, because this could get ugly! Peyton, let me talk to you for a second. Why are you thinking about picking snow over picking oranges (not a word out of the New Yorkers reading the site - zip it). Let's compare shall we:

Denver (left) vs. Miami (right)

Denver (left) vs. Miami (right)

Denver (left) vs. Miami (right)

To the people of Denver, Colorado, I'm just joking. Note to self: hire security when visiting Denver.

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