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Madonna Putting Out A Perfume Is Ironic Because...

Well, The Pictures Speak For Themselves

Photo and caption of Man-donna by

This is a continuation of the article Madonna Is Putting Out A Perfume And You Know What It Probably Smells Like.... Included in this post are photos of other female celebrities at the gym. They look graceful and radiant and not like something someone just shot out of a cannon:

Jennifer Aniston

Megan Fox

Kate Beckinsale

And here's Madonna at the gym looking funky and crazy like she just wrestled a bear:

And even when she was younger she was still an unattractive manly mess:

In closing, with all her manly looks, bad plastic surgery and sweaty public appearances, does she really look like someone that knows anything about perfume or a person one would want to smell like in any way (I think not). Save your money. Don't buy her perfume.


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