Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

With Justin Bieber Turning 18 In A Few Months What Will It Mean For His Career As A Child Star

Justin Bieber (left)

With Justin Bieber turning 18-years-old in March, what will his leap into adulthood mean for his career as a teen pop star. Bieber's fanbase is largely under 18 and his ability to relate to them due to age and his looks, has made him famous. However, once many teen stars come of age in the acting or music professions, problems arise with some failing to successfully make the transition.

When people become adults, their taste change and if Bieber fails to grow with his audience, there will be problems. History has show it is also much harder for white teen stars to keep their audiences into adulthood. This is most likely due to the fact most black teen stars are marketed and treated as adults from early on and the drawback to that is it can cause trouble with their psyche in not having a childhood.


Will Justin Bieber Successfully Make The Transition Into Musical Adulthood

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