Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Was Kim Kardashian Wrong To Follow The Paris Hilton Plan To Fame That Has Now Backfired

Kim Kardashian (Photo Credit: Rex Features)

Was Kim Kardashian wrong to emulate Paris Hilton's scheming plan to become famous with no talent, by using a deliberately leaked sex tape, only to watch it all implode after the public turned on them. Both are reality stars with no talent, but seem to believe they are singers and actresses, without demonstrating a single amount of ability for either trade.

So they leaked sex tapes, made public appearances in clothes so tight and short you can see their underwear (that is, when they can be bothered to wear any) and did foolish things via publicity stunts for public attention. But that career plan wears off pretty fast and what one is left with is a bad name.


Barbara Walters Tells The Kardashians During Interview That They Have No Talent

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