Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

What Will Happen To Megan Fox When Her Looks Start To Fade

Which Is Right Around The Corner Due To All That Unnecessary Cosmetic Work

Megan Fox doesn't look herself anymore due to too much cosmetic work

What's going to happen to Megan Fox's career once her looks start to fade, as all she is known for is her appearance, with critics claiming she can't act. Fox is 25-years-old, but due to excessive cosmetic surgery procedures, she is starting to look older than her age. Tampering with one's face using Botox and fillers, along with cheek work, strips it of a good portion of its youthfulness.

Megan Fox looking older than her age

Fox looked great after the nose job and dental work, but when she started tweaking her entire face in late 2009, she instantly began to appear older than her years, which is not good for an actress, especially one who has based her career on being the hot chick in films.

In a few short years, Fox's face is going to start looking prematurely old, the rate of which will depend on how soon she stops tampering with her face at the plastic surgeon's office. Without her looks, Fox's career or what's left of it after being fired from "Transformers" is toast.


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