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Movie Review: Diary Of A Wimpy Kids - Rodrick Rules

Title: Diary Of A Wimpy Kids - Rodrick Rules

Year Of Release: 2011

Review Date: February 29, 2012

Rating: PG

Running time: 100 minutes

Box Office Gross: $72,417,394

Site Rating: 6 out of 10 stars

2011's "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Rules" is the sequel to 2010's "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid." This funny comedy again follows hapless middle school student Greg, his contentious family and unassuming best friend Rowley. As it is a new school year, Greg believes he will become one of the kids everyone likes and the prettiest girl in school will fall in love with him. Well, he's wrong - at least partly so...

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