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Madonna's Kabbalah Center Sends Racist Expletive Filled Email With The N-Word And Death Threats

[Article background: this is another in the series of phone hacking articles the Judiciary Report has published, regarding a scandal I broke first in October 2005, via a police complaint I filed with the Metropolitan Police in London, England. 30 people have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police since the time I filed the complaint. However, the Murdochs and other key conspirators remain free and the FBI has not arrested anyone, though the crimes began and continue in News Corp's New York headquarters].

The Top Portion Of Redacted Email

The email posted above is from Madonna's Kabbalah Center with a written email threat to me of "die in a fire" which is ironic, because in 2010 the Florida Power And Light (FPL) electric company, made a financial settlement with me, regarding mysterious power surges that hit my home and nearly started a fire in a bedroom, while destroying thousands of dollars in appliances and electronics. I could have died due to the power surges.

Two certified electricians verified the strange surges that only hit my home on the block, came from outside the property via an FPL transformer that had been compromised (said sabotage can be accomplished by hacking the electric company's software). The strong surges were the end result of what is known in industry circles as "electronic harassment" used to terrorize victims of stalking. These are serious federal offenses, which constitute attempted murder.

Notice the email is also sent on Valentine's Day. They keep trying to ruin holidays and birthdays for me - which includes, but is not limited to stalking and confronting me right before or during birthday celebrations, breaking into my home on Thanksgiving while we were away having dinner at a friend's house to steal offline copies of my copyrighted DVD-ROM discs and sending a strange man to harass us on Christmas.


Madonna's Kabbalah Center, a group labeled a "cult" by numerous websites, is currently under criminal investigation in different countries, for a litany of financial crimes, sent me the aforementioned death threat via email, filled with hatred, curse words and referring to me by the racial slur "nigger." I redacted a portion of the email, as it will be evidence in a forthcoming international legal case, due to the written statements that incriminate Madonna and the Kabbalah Center.

Notice the self-delusional email refers to me as "mentally deranged" - yet they are the ones emailing me death threats, stalking and confronting me in public with threats of violence in acts of harassment, hacking into my phones, emails and computers and illegally stealing a fortune in copyrights from me, as they were not and will never be authorized to use any of them, which they procured copies of via criminal hacking. All of Madonna's CDs have been based on stealing preexisting copyrights from numerous copyright holders.

Previously, Madonna's Kabbalah cult sent me death threats in bold, capped typeset, calling me a "bit*h" demanding I "die" and threatening they are going to "skin" me alive. Other threats from the Kabbalah Center include setting dogs loose on me in public to kill me. The red string bracelet wearing Kabbalah cult are the most psychotic, evil group in existence. There have been other racist incidents as well (Phone Hacking Hearings Reveal The Crimes Began At The Sun Newspaper UK).

There have been incidents in public, where they literally tried to run over me with vehicles, as written about here. A year after I went public with that story on the Judiciary Report, criminal court proceedings in Los Angeles revealed, the criminal technique of attempting to deliberately run a victim of stalking over with a vehicle, hoping it will look like an accident and result in serious injury or death, is one associated with the Kabbalah Center's psychotic private investigator, Anthony Pellicano.

This rage filled hatred, began well before I ever wrote a single item about them online or went to the FBI, regarding their completely criminal conduct against me. I was hoping if I ignored them they would stop, but their behavior just kept getting worse, more violent and in my face. This happened to me, though I had never phoned, written or tried to contact them in any fashion.

They began targeting me when they got wind of the fact that I copyrighted a very valuable catalogue of works with the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, containing a massive amount of songs, movie scripts, music video treatments, fashion designs, photographs and products I authored.

Jealousy, envy and greed consumed them and they became determined to destroy me to get me out of the way, as they want to completely steal the entire copyrighted catalog, without legal resistance from me, within the scope of the law. So every week, they engage in some sick criminal activity, hoping to completely damage and destroy me, to full steal my copyrighted property.

Rupert Murdoch

Madonna's cohort in Kabbalah is Rupert Murdoch (Madonna's Connection To Phone Hacking And Wiretapping Scandal). Murdoch is another known racist, who is under criminal investigation for practicing this very misconduct to destroy people he deems business rivals, while stealing their assets (Rupert Murdoch Is Being Investigated By The Government For Using 'Mafia Tactics' On Rivals).

Madonna hired a hacker to break into my computers to make an illegal copy of my copyrighted catalog, in another technique of her private investigators, Anthony Pellicano and Gavin DeBecker, among others, via computer intrusions that have been traced back to her and the Kabbalah Center. However, she is laboring under the delusion that if you commission crimes you do not execute yourself, you are innocent, which is false under the law. If you commission any crime, you are just as, if not more guilty than those you pay to carry them out.

I have wanted nothing to do with the hateful, schizophrenic, violent Kabbalah Center, whose members have committed coldblooded murder, under psychotic delusions, yet they keep stalking me in public and issuing threats on Madonna's behalf. They keep relaying threats from Madonna that are of a criminal nature.

I am not afraid of them, but realized very early by their behavior that they are evil and sick. Thus, I have been avoiding and ignoring their attempts at communicating with me, opting to file a complaint with the FBI, who's director Robert S. Mueller took a bribe and did nothing to stop the crimes. The criminal misconduct by Madonna and her Kabbalah Center continues to this day.

The blatant racial slurs via email and in public when they've stalked and confronted me with their unprovoked, uncontrolled anger and hatred, coupled with the attempts at vehicular homicide, means these are hate crimes and violations of the Civil Rights Act, which are more serious under the law.

James Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch's Son Resigns As Head Of News Corp's Besieged Newspaper Company News International)

To make matters worse, as written on the site previously, in 2005 they stalked me into other nations, such as my homeland Jamaica and Britain, from which some of my family line descends (News Corp Outed For Stalking, Harassing, Phone Hacking, Computer Hacking And Wiretapping Innocent People For Profit). They broke international law in doing so and under the FBI's watch, in menacing acts of aggravated stalking and harassment.

The misconduct is still transpiring. On Saturday, March 3, 2012, two crazy, aggressive members of the Kabbalah Center in Miami, stalked me into a computer store, then when they thought I was not paying attention, began to unzip my bag that contains my laptop, attempting to reach in and steal newer copyrighted DVD-ROM discs containing new songs, videos, movie scripts and fashion designs, among other things, which I created on a offline laptop, to prevent further copyright infringement via hacking.

I felt my bag move and heard the zipper open, prompting me to quickly look behind me and turn around. This caused the Kabbalah member to let go of the bag and quickly rush away, but I saw her face and that of her accomplice. That same female Kabbalah cult member had stalked me before. This time an equally crazy looking guy was with her and they rushed off when they realized I saw what they were trying to do and their faces. Kabbalah members are nothing but depraved, psychopathic thieves.

On another occasion, I was sitting on a bench outside a store waiting for a family member to finish shopping and a Kabbalah Center member approached me and out of nowhere began aggressively trying to bend back the screen of my offline laptop to see what I was writing. Who in their right mind does something like that. To top it off, she began telling me very personal things about myself that you could only know if you were illegally on my phone line, in my email box and in my home without permission.

Madonna's new copyright infringing single "Give Me All Your Luvin" containing lyrics stolen from my older copyrights she has added nonsensical foolishness to has flopped. PLEASE KEEP BOYCOTTING MADONNA. THANK YOU!

Lawyers familiar with Hollywood and my case have explained it to me two ways. One stated they viewed my copyrighted catalogue and the company I've started to put out my works as "taking bread off their table" as the phrase goes. Only depraved Hollywood could view other people's property, on the other side of the country (Florida) as taking bread from their table, because they operate as a criminal mafia.

Speaking of that, Madonna does have clear ties to the mafia, via a relative who is a convicted felon, her private investigator Anthony Pellicano and a murderous, violent, ex-boyfriend in Miami, who went to prison, but she is working with him on an announced film project (Chris Pacello). During the course of the case, Kabbalah members she sent to stalk and harass me, issued mafia death threats to me as well.

Another attorney explained that the copyrights they criminally stole from me, are being unlawfully passed around the entertainment industry to people that know they are engaging in crimes via illegally using the preexisting copyrighted works that are my property. They have criminally and fraudulently placed their names on these copyrights they stole, accepting public credit and payment in royalties not due to them. In short, they know exactly what they are doing in flagrantly breaking the law.

An FBI report indicated Hollywood did the same regarding another black writer Hollywood criminally robbed of copyrights, Sophia Stewart, which were infringed to make the film series "The Matrix" and "Terminator." Hollywood's way of life is dealing in stolen goods, which constitutes a string of felonies they should be in prison for, but due to rampant bribery at the FBI, they remain free to continue to brazenly violate domestic and international law.

Hollywood is a racist, hateful, terrible place that views black people, especially immigrants, as slave labor to be exploited, robbed, slurred and abused. For an industry that claims to be so liberal, tolerant and inclusive, they are the most racist, hateful and intolerant group by far. Hollywood brought slavery back - well, to them, it never really went away. Yet, these are the folks Obama publicly champions, who are routinely brought into the U.S. Congress as well, all due to large campaign donations given to them.


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