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Actor And Comedian Mike Epps Is Under Police Investigation For Threatening To Beat Up His Daughter (Audio)

Warning: Explicit Language

"Hancock" actor and comedian Mike Epps threatened to beat up his teenage daughter, in an astonishing foul-mouthed tirade that led her to contact the police and file a complaint. Bria Epps needed money to attend university and sought her dad's assistance. When Epps refused, she threatened to go public with the story, leading him to threaten her with physical violence and retaliation. I told you guys Mike Epps is crazy in the lawsuit Aisha v. FBI:

"Aisha faced more unwanted contact and harassment at her birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Miami, on November 8, 2008, by actor Mike Epps, star of Madonna affiliate Sony’s infringing film “Hancock” a preexisting copyright unlawfully taken from Aisha’s aforementioned Copyrighted Catalog. Mike Epps was sent there to upset Aisha, three weeks after she was released from the hospital and trying to recover from the aforementioned, unprecedented brain hemorrhage. Aisha was already feeling ill with head pains and nausea from the brain hemorrhage and Epps caused her additional undue distress and stress. Epps sat two tables over to the right of Aisha, her mother and neighbor, in the restaurant. He and his bodyguards spent the entire time watching, talking about and pointing at Aisha, so much so, it attracted the attention of other diners, puzzled by his behavior. He even stood in the aisle of their section, blocking that exit out of the restaurant, to ensure Aisha would have to speak to him to leave the restaurant. When Aisha motioned to leave the restaurant in the opposite direction, attempting to avoid him, Epps and his two muscular, stone-faced bodyguards rushed out through the exit, then began menacingly and aggressively following behind Aisha in the deserted parking lot. Aisha quickly got into her neighbor’s vehicle and locked the door, heading home immediately."

I'm sorry, but the guy behaves like a pest and he loves money too much, which governs his poor, greedy decision making. Since the time I filed the aforementioned lawsuit, a credible source of mine told me crazy thief Madonna and Sony, who have the same copyright lawyers, the law firm of Mannat in New York, put Epps up to that incident regarding me, telling him they would take care of him in the industry if he did this for them.

Since that time, Sony artist Chris Brown stalked me twice and one of the times he did so in 2010, I was also going to celebrate my birthday with family and friends, just like the Epps incident (Chris Brown Showed Up In My Neighborhood and Chris Brown Showed Up In My Neighborhood). Sony's Louis Walsh also tried to come up to me as well (It's Amazing How Simon Cowell Will Stab Friends In The Back For Ratings).

Therefore, the small percentage of you that have any illusions that these stars don't know what they are doing in engaging in criminal copyright infringement, commissioned hacking and stalking, guess again. They know exactly what they are doing. Hollywood is a disgrace. Too many of them in Hollywood are sipping on crazy juice.


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