Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

The IRS Is Woefully Late With Income Tax Returns Under The Obama Administration

Stalling Tax Refunds

Barack Obama

Many Americans are depending on their tax returns to pay bills, fund the down payment of a car, home mortgage or to catch up on one to stave off foreclosure. Some physically sick people are waiting on the money from their tax returns to see a doctor or dentist, while others need it to make up their kids tuition for university.

However, under the Obama Administration, Americans' tax returns have been extraordinarily late, more than any other presidency in recent history. They keep giving out deadlines for tax returns and then irresponsibly missing them, knowing people are depending on the money. If the Obama Administration can't effectively manage the people's tax returns, how can it handle the nation's ballooning budget and reduce the national deficit in a timely fashion.

For an administration pledging to turn the economy around, this is not a good look, especially in light of the president sending the deficit sky high. It does not inspire confidence. The Judiciary Report has also seen cases where people were flat-out discriminated against by the IRS, who disallowed deductions and write-offs granted to others in the same situation under the U.S. tax code. The Obama Administration is punishing the poor and the middle class, for the sins of the rich, which is inexcusable.

Quite a few of Obama's wealthy campaign donors owe the IRS and by default the US Treasury, hundreds of millions of dollars, yet they are not being pursued for these massive tax debts, because of their relationship with the president. Meanwhile, people in lower income and middle class tax brackets, who have paid their taxes and are expecting their refunds, are being shortchanged, denied and discriminated against by the current administration.

Articles in credible publications and court documents have also brought to light the fact federal agencies such as the FBI have been using the IRS to unlawfully harass targets of their warrantless surveillance, via strong-arm tactics and threats for taxes not owed. This too is not a good look, but is being utilized under the Obama Administration and in a number of the cases, against innocent people or for political purposes. Something to think about at the polls in November.

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