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Madonna Looks Like Jessica Rabbit's Mother On The Cover Of Girls Gone Wild

New Project Keeps Getting Bad Feedback From The Public (BOYCOTT MADONNA)

People online are stating poorly aging Madonna's new "Girl Gone Wild" CD single is so airbrushed it looks nothing like her. Photoshop gone wild.

Past it pop singer Madonna continues to make a spectacle of herself, via refusing to dress and act her age. After the massive flop of her comeback single "Give Me All Your Luvin" which could not even score average record sales and chart movement after being performed on the Super Bowl, unoriginal Madonna has released another single from her failed comeback entitled "Girl Gone Wild."

Jessica Rabbit

Not only was litigation initiated against Madonna for infringing the trademark of the debauched video series "Girls Gone Wild" which preys on underage girls for explicit DVD videos, the public is slamming everything about her new track. The legal threat forced her to change the name of the song from "Girls Gone Wild" to "Girl Gone Wild." Big difference.

Photo and caption of Man-donna by

Of course, in crazy Madonna's mind, stealing other people's intellectual property and changing a line or two somehow makes it different, new and hers, when it does not. The unoriginal, lazy beast that has made a living from criminally stealing copyrights refuses to accept the fact audiences are slamming her in droves and want her off the stage.


She is not an older artist who can sing well. In fact, she can't sing and with her youth gone, she can't compete with the new wave of young tarty artists that have taken her place, though she is knocking herself out trying with every trick in the book.


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