Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

Ex-Boyfriend Found Guilty In The Murder Of 22-Year-Old University Lacrosse Player

George Huguely V (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

A guilty verdict was reached in the second degree murder trial of 22-year-old University of Virginia lacrosse player, Yeardley Love, who was killed by her boyfriend, George Huguely V, 24. Love was beaten to death in an act of rage by Huguely, with the cause of death being blunt force trauma. He did not display much remorse in his expressions outside the courthouse.

Yeardley Love

The two university students had been dating, but broke up. Love began dating a male lacrosse player, which enraged Huguely, who began sending her threatening emails. Huguely wrote in one email "I should have killed you." And that he did - beating the defenseless young woman to death, consumed with jealousy. Huguely faces a potential 60-years in prison.

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