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Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Considering Paying Big Financial Settlement To Child Murderer In Phone Hacking Scandal

Legal Paperwork Has Been Filed

Rupert Murdoch is remarkably able to smile time and time again after causing such damage and distress to the public, including the bereaved

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp is considering issuing a big fat check to Jon Venables, the convicted killer of little James Bulger. This is ridiculous! News Corp is crazy to even entertain any legal or informal conversations with Venables, regarding a settlement. His mother, Denise Fergus, stated Scotland Yard notified her of Venables legal claim, which has upset her and understandably so. Since when does society reward child murderers.

Rupert Murdoch and son James Murdoch, who is head of News International, which is currently at the center of the phone hacking scandal

Under the circumstances, this is very inappropriate. No one should profit from committing murder, especially that of a child. According to Click Liverpool, "Venables and his friend Thompson lured two year-old James away from The Strand shopping centre in Bootle in 1993 and tortured and beat him to death by a railway line. His mutilated body was found two days later with 42 separate injuries."

Denise Fergus

Fergus stated regarding the proposed financial settlement, "It would be a terrible insult to James’s memory if the animal who murdered him was to receive a payment. If his phone was hacked, that is wrong. But the only reason that they were interested in him was the fact that he murdered my son. If there is to be compensation paid, then all the money should go to charity. What goes on in the minds of these people that they do not see they are trying to get blood money for a killer? He cannot be allowed to benefit from the wicked crime that he committed. I’ve had to swallow a lot since James was murdered. All down the line the Government, the courts, the lawyers and the probation service have all been on the side of his killers. This is the final straw and I am not going to sit back and watch this happen. I will move heaven and earth to stop it.”


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Denise Fergus anger over James Bulger killer phone hacking compensation pay-out


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