Kamis, 16 Februari 2012

Will Megan Fox Be In Transformers 4 After Being Fired From Part 3

Stop Laughing, I'm Serious

Megan Fox

As most of you know, Hollywood "actress" and eye candy, Megan Fox, was fired from "Transformers 3" for calling its Jewish director, Michael Bay, "Hitler" on the set. The film's producer, Jewish director Steven Spielberg, was angry about Fox's statements. However, with respect to the Jewish community, she couldn't have been too anti-Semitic, as she was having sex with Jewish lead actor, Shia LaBouf, a year before the controversy erupted. But, I can understand the offense at her statements. "Transformers 3" went on to be a success, but experienced a sales decline, even though there was an increase in ticket prices. This means way less people saw the film than previous installments. In light of these facts, will Bay bring Fox back.


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