Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Have You Guys Heard Gifted Athlete Tim Tebow Sing? (Video)

A Nice Video Of Footballer Tim Tebow Singing

While watching an interview with talented Christian athlete, Tim Tebow, which featured him singing "Awesome God" for a few seconds, the Judiciary Report came to the following conclusion. As much as the site loves the Tebow, boo boo you can't sing (LOL). However, since you are singing about Jesus, the Judiciary Report will give you a pass, mostly because a.) I'm a Christian and b.) I don't want to get struck by lightning. Just teasing. Your voice isn't bad. It just isn't that great either (teasing again).

Tim Tebow

In other news, a recent poll indicated Tim Tebow would beat President Obama, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum if he ran for office. In response to the poll, Tebow said he would be interested in a career in politics after football. I'd vote for you. I hope things go well for you in your life and career. God bless you.

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