Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

The Heat Beat The New York Knicks In A Smashing Home Game

Love You Lin, But Sorry, The Heat Had To Win!

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat defeated the stellar New York Knicks in a great home game, 102-88. It was another bow in a longtime rivalry. It heated up, pardon the pun, when former Heat player, Alonzo Mourning and former Knicks, went at it and coach Van Gundy got dragged on the court in the process.

However, the Judiciary Report finds today's win particularly sweet, as for years, a number of New York transplants living in Florida now, consistently go to local Heat games unabashedly and unashamedly cheering for the Knicks. Traitors!

Jeremy Lin

Not to mention, these New York transplants have done things like called into local sports radio, with their heavy New York accents, defending the Knicks, while calling Floridian Heat fans "You orange picking m***** *******" (*gasp* and *clutch the pearls*).

The state fruit is the orange (to residents) and Florida is known for producing large quantities of the juice for the rest of the nation. Yet these ungrateful New York turncoats living in Florida have made such jokes. You live in Florida now. Respect the orange! (LOL). I'm just teasing, but that stuff really happened.

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