Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Justin Bieber's Label And Minders Order Him To Sex Up His Music And Image

But Will It Backfire

Justin Bieber

Pop star Justin Bieber is about to turn 18-years-old next month, making him an adult. The prankster prone young singer, is also at a crossroads in his music career. According to an impeccable source, the subsidiary label and major record company he records for, want him to sex up his music and image for the release of his sophomore album, which is make or break in the music industry.

They are pushing his image and music in a very grown up and sexual manner, which could spectacularly backfire. A good chunk of Bieber's audience are still well underage and their parents will not welcome such a overtly sexual look and sound into their homes.

They are attempting to toughen and sexualize Bieber, in the manner they did his mentor, singer Usher, who is fully behind the move, having gone through it himself. However, Usher is having a case of selective amnesia regarding the problems and addictions that sprang from his label deciding to turn him into a sex symbol. He became a sex addict with drug issues.


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