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Obama Turns His Attention To Rick Santorum Who Has Been Ripping Him

U.S. Election Heats Up Again

Barack Obama

Reuters has confirmed today that President Barack Obama's administration has turned its attention to Republican rival, Rick Santorum, who has been publicly coming after him like gangbusters. Santorum has ripped Obama on everything - such as his costly health care program, trying to force people of the faith to pay for abortions, high unemployment, the soaring national deficit and the president's policies that have made things more difficult for Christians in America.

Rick Santorum

Thus far, Obama really has not been able to knock out Santorum or Romney and Ron Paul's campaign donations and presidential push are gaining steam. As it stands, polls still retain the view that any Republican could beat Obama in this year's presidential election, as he has made choices in office that did not turn out well and it a very noticeable way.

Mitt Romney

He has added $5 trillion to the deficit, when the Judiciary Report begged him from the very beginning of his presidency to cut costs, not add to them. The site also reasoned with him for his entire presidency thus far, not to engage in wasteful spending such as solar initiative and other experimental programs that later failed. It is the equivalent of an injured person, who is bleeding in a life threatening manner, stating they need to bleed more, rather than stem the hemorrhage and let the serious wound heal. America is bleeding money at a terrible rate and will not recover its financial health in this manner. There is no cash transfusion that can fix this, as it will come at a price. Staunch the bleeding, already.


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