Senin, 20 Februari 2012

Obama's Announced Donations Reveal He Is Falling Short Of Campaign's Financial Goals

Barack Obama

Last year, U.S. President Barack Obama, announced via his reps, the goal of raising $1 billion dollars in campaign donations. However, one year on, Obama has raised $75,953,128.29, under 1/10th of his goal. Gallup polls indicate President Obama is trailing behind rivals Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, in his reelection bid for the White House.

The ongoing financial crisis that has worsened, is certainly impacting campaign donations, as people simply do not have the disposable income they once did. The race for the White House should not depend on money, but be based on who can do the most for the country.


Amount the Obama campaign had on hand at the end of January: $75,953,128.29

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