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Gallup Poll States Barack Obama Is Going To Lose The 2012 Presidential Election By A Landslide

Barack Obama

Looks like my words last year regarding the Obama Administration are become prophetic. In the July 26, 2011 article "Senator Demands FBI Investigate Rupert Murdoch For Hacking Rival & Stealing Their Copyrights" I wrote regarding the Obama Administration, "None of you deserve to be in office, as you failed the people across the board, due to bribery and campaign donations. In 2012, you deserve to lose by a landslide, because you knew of the crimes and abuses and looked the other way."

This week Gallup announced a new poll, which revealed President Barack Obama is firmly in position to lose the 2012 election by a landslide. Gallup predicts "huge losses" for Obama. However, Obama is in denial, continuing to allow his administration to run amok, while his head is completely buried in the proverbial sand.

President Obama and his contingent in Washington are operating under the misguided belief, millions of voters did not witness the sheer corruption and treachery emanating from him, his employees and appointees, in unlawful misdeeds he rubberstamped. This corruption could not have been worth you presidency and legacy. The ironic aspect of it is by the time you wake up to the reality of what you have done, it will be too late to save yourself or your presidency.


Gallup Numbers Predict Huge Obama Loss

February 1, 2012 9:51am 2337 Comments - Gallup released their annual state-by-state presidential approval numbers yesterday, and the results should have 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue very worried. If President Obama carries only those states where he had a net positive approval rating in 2011 (e.g. Michigan where he is up 48 percent to 44 percent), Obama would lose the 2012 election to the Republican nominee 323 electoral votes to 215.

Gallup adds: Overall, Obama averaged 44% job approval in his third year in office, down from 47% in his second year. His approval rating declined from 2010 to 2011 in most states, with Wyoming, Connecticut, and Maine showing a marginal increase, and Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Jersey, Arizona, West Virginia, Michigan, and Georgia showing declines of less than a full percentage point. The greatest declines were in Hawaii, South Dakota, Nebraska, and New Mexico.


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