Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

Katy Perry Is After Tim Tebow

But Is She Right For Him Under The Circumstances

Tim Tebow

Bisexual pop tart Katy Perry, 30, is in the middle of a messy divorce, from British comedian/actor, Russell Brand. Perry, famous for the song "I Kissed A Girl And I Like It" is now going after Christian football player and professed virgin, Tim Tebow. Perry comes with a lot of baggage and chaos, as the Hollywood set she runs with in Kabbalah, has serious legal and mental issues.

Katy Perry

Perry reportedly has a $20,000,000 fortune, which comes from ripping off songs by artists such as the Beach Boys and lesser known acts. She even sued a fashion designer for using the name Katy Perry, when that's not even the singer's real name. Why she's trying to drag Tebow into all this chaos is a mystery. Her marriage to Brand lasted no time and rather than trying to work it out, she is running down a man she is not suited to, due to her lifestyle and continually poor choices. It would end in disaster.

Side Bar: Wouldn't it be better to repair your marriage to Brand. Why don't you let Tebow find someone closer to him, who isn't so, I don't know, messed up. You're welcome.


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