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Whitney Houston's Lawyer Slams Bobby Brown For Violating Funeral Agreement Then Storming Out Of The Service In Front Of The Whole World

Bobbi Brown and his children from other relationships than his marriage to Houston

A lawyer for the Houston family has come out swinging against Bobby Brown and his dramatic behavior at the funeral of his late wife, legendary singer, Whitney Houston. Attorney Mark Trigg stated Brown, sans his the entourage, was supposed to sit where he was assigned and not approach his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, allowing her to do so if she felt up to it. Trigg stated, "We had a number of discussions prior to the service, and a very clear understanding as to exactly what was suppose to take place at the service.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown at her mother's funeral

Trigg indicates Brown violated the agreement, then made such a scene, the drama made it onto the airwaves and internet. Brown really should have put his family first and swallowed his pride. He should have had an understanding of his former mother-in-law's anger and that of his child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, as the divorce between he and Houston was not an amicable one. Houston fled her mansion with her child, when Brown, engaging in domestic violence, mental abuse and massive drug use, refused to leave the property.

Cissy Houston at her daughter's funeral

The late singer's mother, Cissy Houston, holds Brown responsible for the horrible downward spiral her daughter and granddaughter fell victim to, being present in a household with aggressive, daily drug use, where he was the main perpetrator. Cissy Houston is angry, as her prized daughter has died and was not a raging drug addict before she married Brown. She had problems, but nothing like what unfolded and developed when she got married.

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown

Men, you have to guide your families and not down the path of addiction and destruction. You have to stand up and set an example. Get clean and sober and help your addicted family members as well. Drugs are not okay - they shorten lives and tear families apart.


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Whitney Houston - family lawyer talks about Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina

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