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Madonna's Planned Super Bowl Publicity Stunt Costs Rapper M.I.A. Her Relationship With The Father Of Her Child

Nicki Minaj (left) and M.I.A. (right) made a deal with the devil. 54-year-old cheerleader, Madonna, pictured center.

Thieving pop tart, Madonna, did a repeat of her attention seeking shenanigans at the MTV Music Awards years ago, where she used young performers Britney Spears and singer Christina Aguilera to create controversy and publicity. This time the thoughtless witch used young female rappers Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., who are also in Kabbalah, to do her dirty work and at the Super Bowl of all places, in a planned publicity stunt.

M.I.A.'s rude gesture

Minaj vulgarly performed at the show, wearing no underwear, according to Media Take Out, which the camera caught. M.I.A. flipped the bird at the audience via flashing her middle finger at the camera in a profane gesture. These two publicity stunts occurred during respectable viewing hours, while kids watched, causing an uproar and a flood of complaints from viewers and family organizations. The incident is being investigated by the FCC.

M.I.A. and Benjamin Bronfman

Nothing about the trio's performance at the Super Bowl was real. The song constitutes criminal copyright infringement, as does the performance, which is a rip off of a preexisting music video and product campaign. Something tells me the entire spectacle is going to come back to haunt all involved for a long time to come.

Madonna's new copyright infringing single "Give Me All Your Luvin" is another rip off - BOYCOTT HER!

However, more immediate damage has begun to surface, as it is being reported M.I.A., who had a child by the son of Warner Bros unscrupulous CEO, Edgar Bronfman's, was dumped by him two days after the show. Benjamin Bronfman ended his relationship with her over the incident.


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