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News Corp Outed For Stalking, Harassing, Phone Hacking, Computer Hacking And Wiretapping Innocent People For Profit

Rupert Murdoch and third wife Wendi Murdoch

[Article background: this is another in the series of phone hacking articles the Judiciary Report has published, regarding a scandal I broke first in October 2005, via a police complaint I filed with the Metropolitan Police in London, England. 30 people have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police since the time I filed the complaint. However, the Murdochs and other key conspirators remain free].

The Murdoch family that founded News Corp have consistently lied about their involvement in the company's phone hacking, wiretapping and computer hacking crimes. Emails, public testimony and eyewitness accounts have directly connected the Murdochs to criminal wrongdoing on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Metropolitan Police have made over 30 arrests in Britain regarding the scandal, but the FBI, headed up by corrupt, bribe taking Robert S. Mueller, a man consistently sued for racism, has completely looked the other way to the Murdochs' massive crimes at U.S. based, News Corp, though the agency has primary jurisdiction on the matter (FBI Sued By Former Agent For Racism, The FBI And Racism, The Racist FBI and FBI Training Materials Instruct Agents: Muslims Are Violent People Worshiping Cult Leader Mohammed).

Charlotte Church Criminally Stalked In Multiple Nations By Murdochs' News Corp

Rupert Murdoch in London this month

This week it was announced, the Metropolitan Police informed Los Angeles based, American manager, Julie Colbert, that she was phone hacked and illegally wiretapped by News International/News Corp. Colbert is the manager of Welsh singer, Charlotte Church, who News International has repeatedly stalked, phone hacked and illegally wiretapped for scoops to print in their newspapers.

They've even bribed people in Church's life for derogatory information on her to print in the newspapers. They've incessantly followed her around, which previously led her to flee Wales and live with her manager Colbert in Los Angeles for a time. However, News International followed her into America.

I have read British newspapers everyday for many years. Church has been a scandal staple, with many of the negative stories on the singer emanating from News International, then spreading to other publications. News International has consistently sought ways to humiliate and embarrass her in the name of money.

Having also personally seen the extraordinary lengths News Corp will go to in order to get a story or intellectual property to boost profits, no matter how illegal the means, I am not the least bit surprised they stalked Church into America, when she was trying to get away from them. The company has no respect for the law anywhere in the world.

I Was Criminally Stalked In Multiple Nations By Murdochs' News Corp

Crazy Madonna and daughter

Due to my voluminous, valuable Copyrighted Catalog and connections, which led to many exclusives I published online that News Corp began to steal from my computers and emails, I have been stalked and approached by them for years in Miami, Florida in a very invasive, menacing and unwanted manner. They've criminally wiretapped my phones and hacked my computers for years, so they knew all my business and travel arrangements, as said technology are a must in today's world.

As mentioned on my sites prior to the announcement this week of Church having being stalked by Murdoch's News Corp, in 2005 during what was to be a pleasant 9-day trip in the middle of September 2005, to see my family and film scenes for my copyrights, I was stalked from Miami, Florida to Kingston, Jamaica, to London, England by Murdoch and thieving pop star Madonna's cult, Kabbalah (Madonna's Connection To The Phone Hacking Scandal). They ruined my trip with the most outrageous, offensive, harassing and illegal behavior. How did I deserve that, especially since I was minding my own business.

This led me to file a police complaint with the FBI in late September 2005, then the Metropolitan Police in October 2005, upon my return to America after the trip. During a November 2005 interview at their Miami office, the FBI checked my passport stamps to verify that I was in each nation detailed in my complaint. There are no holes, discrepancies or inconsistencies in my story and a mountain of evidence to back it up, as it is all 100% true.

Furthermore, another set of items that corroborate my claims is the time stamped footage I filmed in the three aforementioned nations, which came from scenes and items in my PREEXISTING, WRITTEN COPYRIGHTED SCRIPTS AND TREATMENTS, which were later infringed by Madonna, Murdoch and their affiliates.

On the plane out of Miami, this strange Kabbalah cult member that I had seen before kept following me around, then sat one seat behind me to the left during the flight to Kingston, Jamaica. He was tall, in his 40s with straight brown hair. He oddly stared at me the entire flight, with this serious, angry expression, his eyes wide open in a strange way, like a brainwashed cult member. He looked insane and obsessed.

Once the flight landed in Kingston, Jamaica, he kept watching my every move in the airport, staring at me in the customs line as well, with his eyes wide open in this weird way. Ironically, something happened in Jamaica customs that I had never seen before and I was born on the island and lived there the first 8-years of my life, frequently returning to see family.

It's very easy to visit Jamaica. Tourists are always welcome on the island without any hassle. However, the customs agent did not allow the aforementioned man admittance and directed him to a side room with a clear glass window for questioning, which was visible from where I stood. When I asked a police officer in the airport what's happening regarding that man, he stated something was wrong regarding the travel documents and information he provided, so he was being questioned. Once again, Jamaica is a very easy country to visit, so for them to do that, says something was seriously wrong.

After I spent a few days in Jamaica, where my dad took me to different outdoor, scenic locations to film items for a few of my copyrights, I flew to London, England and was followed around the entire time by Murdoch and Madonna's News Corp. Shortly after I would film something in Jamaica and England to bring my preexisting copyrights to life on film, Madonna and her affiliates, would announce they too would be filming the exact same things, which ripped off preexisting copyrights I had gone to said destinations to film.

To boot, Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, a man sued by several unrelated people for every film he has ever put out, as he subscribes to her thieving ways as a way of life, even announced a film they would be shooting in Jamaica that was a complete and utter rip-off of my preexisting copyright regarding my homeland. Madonna also criminally ripped off items I had filmed in London for her later released infringing video "Hung Up." My preexisting copyrighted film scripts were also illegally used without permission at News Corp's 20th Century Fox film studio.

They knew what I had filmed during the multi-country trip, because they had Kabablah members and private investigators stalking me the entire time through three nations, in what is criminal conduct in each jurisdiction. They knew where I was going each day, as they'd criminally hacked my emails containing travel confirmation documents from airlines and they'd wiretapped my phone and heard me speaking to my mom about my itinerary and how our relatives in each nation have been doing as the trip progressed.

As a matter of fact, there was even a terrible incident where Murdoch and Madonna had someone confront and harass me after I paid to peacefully and quietly take a tour of Buckingham Palace in London, England, in a vicious confrontation that happened at the back of the property in front of other tourists. I will go into that offensive incident at a later date.

More proof released this month revealing News Corp's misconduct has transpired on U.S. shores, just as I have maintained since2005:



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