Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

The FBI Raids Wrong House Holding Woman And Daughter At Gunpoint After Chain Sawing Off Door

Well That Was Subtle

Judy Sanchez and her daughter

The FBI raided the home of Judy Sanchez in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, by discreetly and quietly chain sawing off her front door. Then, they proceeded to hold Sanchez and her daughter at gunpoint for a terrifying 30 minutes. You would think after using taxpayer money to go to all that trouble in staging a raid, the FBI would at least make sure it was the right property. Well, never one to be bothered with such pesky details, they did not and it was the wrong apartment.

That could not have been me. I would have been in there reading them the riot act, regarding how I am going to write on the internet about them, their mamas, wives, kids, dog and pet goldfish for the raid and call for a boycott. Sanchez is not amused, however. She is angry and stating the agency's apology is not enough. Haha the FBI is gonna get sued. Maybe now thy will learn to use GPS and stop winging things.


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