Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Robert F. Kennedy's Son Charged By Police For Kicking Female Nurse In The Crotch While Holding Baby

Douglas Kennedy, the son of Robert F. Kennedy and his wife Ethel, is in trouble with the law today for unseemly and violent conduct at a hospital in New York. Kennedy kicked a nurse in the crotch, as he held his new born and has been charged with child endangerment and harassment.

Northern Westchester Hospital employee Cari Maleman Luciano stated, "Instinctively as a nurse, I raised both my arms toward the neck of the baby to steady the violent shaking of the baby's head and neck." Kennedy's response to the incident was published as well, "The nurse had no right to attempt to grab our child out of his father's arms and I, Douglas, was shocked and appalled when she did so."

Was this a misunderstanding. The nurse is stating she tried to help the "shaking" baby to stabilize the child's neck and head. Kennedy is claiming the nurse had no right to attempt to take the child from his arms. Did he not know she was a nurse. Couldn't he simply have turned away with the child, indicating he was not comfortable with the gesture. Why did he kick her in the crotch.

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