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It's Amazing How Simon Cowell Will Stab Friends In The Back For Ratings

Cowell Axes His Friends From Failing U.S. Version Of His "X-Factor" Show

Nicole Scherzinger, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and LA Reid

At the beginning of last year, talent show judge Simon Cowell, was cocky after he left "American Idol." He stated his new show on Fox entitled "X-Factor" would surpass the ratings of "American Idol" which was also experiencing a dip in viewership. The show debuted last year and consistently pulled half the ratings of "American Idol" leaving Cowell red-faced at his previous, proud proclamations.

To save his own skin, he has fired the entire cast, save for L.A. Reid. Talent judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, along with host Steve Jones, have been kicked off the show. These people were allegedly Cowell's friends and he fired them. That says it all.

Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell

Side Bar: This past Saturday, while I was at a mall in Miami, not really frequented by wealthy people, Simon Cowell's multimillionaire partner from the British version of "X-Factor" began nervously walking towards me, biting the nail of his index finger. When he began looking in my face, I glared at him for doing so, because I thought I recognized his face as that of an adversary in the phone hacking/hacking/copyright case, which I broke first via police complaint in 2005.

When I did that Walsh quickly walked up the escalator with his male friend with them staring at me. They could have picked any time to be at that mall. Of all the times to be at that mall and to be walking right up towards me and staring in my face, knowing what he's done, is out of order. That's called stalking. I'm friendly to people that approach me, but frankly, I don't want anything to do with the people from the phone hacking and copyright infringement case, as they are unbalanced. They have done some terrible things behind the scenes to innocent people.

Walsh has ties to Sony Music, whose artist, Chris Brown twice tried to approach me, much to my annoyance. Walsh also has ties to Cheryl Cole, who he launched to stardom and managed in Girls Aloud. Cole is also a Simon Cowell affiliate that hosted "X-Factor" about a year ago. Cole like Cowell, committed criminal copyright infringement in stealing the song "Fight For This Love" from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog, among other items.


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